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One of the tourists creams for help (YouTube)

China accuses Sweden of “abusing” tourists

A family of three who arrived at a hostel in Stockholm the night before their booking are evicted by police.

Beijing is demanding an apology from Sweden over what it calls the “brutal abuse” of three Chinese tourists by police in Stockholm, The Guardian reports.

The incident was over a disagreement on September 2 between the Zeng family – a son and his two parents – and a hostel over the check-in time but has since snowballed in a diplomatic row between China and Sweden, with Beijing criticising Sweden of human rights abuses.

The family had arrived at the hostel at around midnight the night before their booking. They were allowed to wait in the lobby, but the staff later ordered them to leave before calling police to forcibly evict them. The staff said they called the police because the tourists began to make verbal threats.

Video shows police carrying the tourists out of the hostel’s doors as the son yells, “This is killing. This is killing.” Another video shows the three screaming while lying on the ground.

China’s foreign ministry and its embassy in Stockholm have “made solemn representations” to the Swedish government “stressing that what the police had done severely endangered the life and violated the basic human rights of the Chinese citizens.”

Relations between China and Sweden are under pressure following the visit of the Dalai Lama to Sweden last week and also as China continues to detain Gui Minhai, a Swedish citizen and book publisher.

Gone viral
In China, the videos have gone viral more attracting hundreds of millions of views, according to reports, prompting a nationwide debate about the behaviour of Chinese tourists. Many are critical of the behavior of their fellow nationals.

“This is shameful. The image of China has been disgraced in the hands of these people,” writes one Weibo user cited by The Guardian.

“These people feel the world should move around them. If not, then they lie down on ground and scream for help,” writes another on WeChat.

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