China and Russia reject inclusion in EU carbon scheme

Inclusion in ETS would cost China’s airlines €320 million/year by 2020

The EU’s plans to include airlines in its Emissions Trading Scheme from 2012 have not only angered IATA. Russia and China say they will stand against any inclusion in the ETS. “The parties are against unilateral and coercive action without reaching mutual agreements between the countries concerned,” the Russian Transport Ministry said on its website on Tuesday. “The inclusion of international aviation in the European emissions trading system violates the principles of the Chicago Convention,” it continued, referring to the 1944 agreement that forms the basis of international rules governing civil aviation.
In a decision adopted in 2009, the EU will include all airlines flying in and out of the EU and all internal civil aviation flights in its ETS from 1 January 2012. This will cost China’s airlines some €85 million in 2012 and €320 million a year by 2020, the country’s civil aviation authority estimates.
RIA Novosti
[pictured: Air China Airbus 330]

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