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China Railway

China to build high-speed Nordic rail?

China is interested in providing expertise in building a new high-speed line.

China is interested in building a high-speed railway between the Swedish and Norwegian capitals, according to press reports.

A delegation from China travelled to Oslo two weeks ago to discuss the possible project, Sveriges Radio Ekot reported. It was from the China Association for Promoting International Economic and Technical Cooperation.

“We have discussed how China can, potentially, assist with financing and with expansion capacity and competencies,” Alf S Johansen of the Värmland-Østfold Border Committee, which is coordinating the project, told the radio program.

The alternatives on the shopping list of potential projects include rebuilding and refining the existing rail lines at a cost of around €5.1 billion. A second option is a completely new high-speed railway built at a cost of €17.3 billion.

Faster than flying
The high-speed link would cut travel times between the two Scandinavian capitals from over five hours now to less than three hours, estimates allege.

The service would be aimed at travellers who currently choose to fly between the two cities.

“This is a profitable project on which money would be earned after a few years,” Johansen said.

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