China plans 4,000km/h “flying train”

Scientists look into developing trains that “fly on the ground”
The next generation of trains, which can travel at speeds of up to 4,000km/h, is to be developed in China, claims the state-owned China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation.
Scientists there are looking into developing trains that can “fly on the ground”, says Liu Shiquan, deputy general manager of the CASIC, which is linked to China’s defence ministry.
The corporation has already been involved in projects for satellites, rockets and missiles.
“The corporation has built rich experience and accumulated technological know-how through major projects, and it has the capabilities in simulation, modelling and experimentation for large-scale projects, as well as the world-class design capability for supersonic aircraft, all of which lay the important ground for the super-fast train project,” the state-owned website The Paper writes about the CASIC’s plans.
China already has the biggest network of high-speed trains in the world. There are also plans for an intercity train that can travel at more than 1,000km/h – perhaps to compete with US-Canadian inventor Elon Musk’s hyperloop.

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