Chip tech used in towels and bed-sheets

Company patents washable radio transmitter for hotel towels

Hotel guests will have to think twice before “mistakenly” packing one of the hotel towels or bathrobes in their suitcases before checking out. The Miami-based company Linen Technology Tracking has patented a washable radio-frequency identification chip that can be sewn into sheets, towels, robes and other materials that dishonest guests occasionally walk away with. Rather than having an embarrassing bleeper at the hotel door, hotels would be able to trace them later.
As previously reported in TTG Nordic, rising cotton prices are forcing many hotels to take such extreme measures. Bath towels are approaching double their cost last year. Three unnamed hotels are reported to be already using the chip. One of them, a property in Honolulu, has saved $16,000 a month because theft of its pool towels has been cut from 4,000 a month to 750.
The New York Times

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