City breaks outgrow overall tourism

Tourism to world’s top cities surpasses global tourism
Tourism to the world’s top cities is surpassing the growth rates for global travel flows, despite terror attacks and other problems, a new Euromonitor report confirms.
The report, Top City Destinations Ranking, reveals visitor numbers for 100 leading cities for 2015, the latest complete figures available. They show an overall growth rate of 5.5% compared with 2014. This compares with 4% growth in total worldwide tourist arrivals.
The top five were Hong Kong, Bangkok, London, Singapore and Paris. Hong Kong achieved 26.7 million visitors, down 3.9% on the previous year. Bangkok jumped into second place with 10% growth to 18.7 million, while London was the second biggest gainer in the top five, up 6.8% to 18.6 million.
Paris suffered only slightly from the Charlie Hebdo and Bataclan attacks in 2015, down 0.2% to 15 million. Euromonitor adds, however, that “2016 arrivals are expected to be harder hit”.
Among the biggest gainers were Tokyo, up 35% to 8.4 million, Osaka up 52% to 3.4 million and Kyoto, up 47.6% to 2.1 million. Euromonitor attributes this to the popularity of the Golden Route, which sees tourists arrive in Tokyo and then travel to Kyoto and Osaka via Mount Fuji.
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