City to ban ads for whole apartments on Airbnb

NY vote adds teeth to existing law protecting residents
It is already illegal in New York to put your whole apartment up for short-term rental on Airbnb and similar networks. But now the state assembly and senate have voted for a bill to make it illegal merely to advertise your entire place for a short (under 30 days) rental.
Once the city governor signs the bill into law, offenders face a $1,000 fine first time they are caught, $5,000 the second time, $7,500 the third.
The move is designed to protect local residents and hotel businesses, who say that Airbnb creates illegal hotels that drive up rental rates while making it attractive for investors to buy and let apartments.
Airbnb, meanwhile, argues that the bill is a conspiracy between the government and the hotel industry.
[For a cartoon on this story by Body and Soul International, see and scroll down]

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