Clash between Europe and US likely over ETS

European Commission will not change Emissions Trading Scheme

The European Commission has said in relation to US airlines that it will not alter its Emissions Trading Scheme, with Isaac Valero-Ladron, spokesman for Climate Action commissioner Connie Hedegaard, telling ATW that it “looks forward to constructive discussions with our US partners on the need to take bold action to curb growing aviation carbon pollution.” This position is in response to a warning by  US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, that the US will be “compelled to take appropriate action” if the scheme is not changed.
“Also, our law gives all countries the choice to reduce aviation’s carbon pollution differently,” Valero-Ladron added. “If they take equivalent measures, all incoming flights from these countries can be exempt. Hopefully, the US and other countries will quickly shift their attention to the need to take action at home.”
Besides the 27 EU member states, ETS for aviation also covers Iceland and Norway, while a separate Swiss ETS is likely to be linked to the EU ETS. ATW