Clash over access to EgyptAir plane debris

Origin of TNT traces on debris remain a mystery
A dispute between France and Egypt is deepening as investigators clash over access to the wreckage of the EgyptAir plane that crashed in May.
French investigators discovered traces of the explosive material TNT on the debris but say that Egyptian officials stopped them from further examining it. The origin of the traces remains a mystery.
Flight MS804, an Airbus A320 flying from Paris to Cairo on May 19, plunged into the Mediterranean killing all 66 people on board, including 15 French passengers. In early July, it was revealed there may have been an attempt to put out a fire on board.
Egypt wants to write a joint report with France to validate the presence of TNT, but France is refusing as investigators were not able to make a full analysis. Egypt denies the French team has been obstructed.
Le Figaro / Reuters


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