CNN: Finnish hotel “to stay in before you die”

South-eastern Finland’s unique Wild Brown Bear Hotel

Perfect natural surroundings are what makes Finland’s unique Wild Brown Bear Hotel stand out from the crowd, according to CNN, which has placed it highly in a list of “hotels to stay in before you die” this week. Walking in this corner of the Karelia region “over spongy carpets of moss and blueberries and under birch and pine canopies” feels “as if you’re walking through a fairytale.” Guests can arrange a stay not only at the hotel but also in a hideout where they can watch brown bears and wolverines.
“Frost at night and hard snow help the bears and wolverine to move easier,” the hotel’s website says. “At first they are very timid, but dare later to come even at the daytime. […] Snow time gives more light and different pictures than taking pictures in summertime.”

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