Coffee and cake back on Danish trains?

DSB may again roll out sales trolley on rail services
After being shut down in 2014, a new sales trolley may be rolled out again on Danish trains – only it may be a stationery one.
Denmark’s rail operator DSB says it is considering reintroducing a limited version of the trolley after a successful trial period selling coffee and nuts. The trial has been so successful it may be made permanent.
Among the new trolley’s treats would be Denmark’s ever-popular marcipanbrød marzipan bars.
DSB’s sales trolley used to sell sandwiches, tea, coffee, beer and chocolate. A limited version of the service – a stationary stand rather than something mobile – reappeared on a limited number of Intercity and Lyntog lines on June 29.
“We can see that our sales have increased sharply. Before we introduced the coffee we sold a snack bag on the train. We can say that we have sold ten times as many as before June 29. So we’ve seen a marked growth,” Aske Wieth-Knudsen, DSB’s commercial vice director, told Ritzau.
“We will evaluate [making the sales stand permanent] during the course of the autumn. A certain level of sales is necessary for this kind of arrangement. But if it continues as in the first 14 days, that’s very good and we can continue with it.”
However, the sight of a trolley rolling down the aisles will probably remain a thing of the past.
“The economy was completely different with the sales trolley. We had a member of staff dedicated to it. What we have now is a small selection of items that are being sold by staff already on the train.”
Ritzau / The Local


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