Cold strands tourists in Sweden’s far north

Tourists left to wander through Kiruna at 4am in -30C
Around 70 tourists have been stranded in Sweden’s far north as temperatures falling below -30C stopped trains from running.
The national train company SJ cancelled several services due to the cold in Arctic Lapland, so that guests who had been staying in the region’s hotels had nowhere to go.
“SJ were just horrendous when it went pear-shaped,” British businessman Mick Collins told The Local on Friday. “They deserve a lot of credit for today, but yesterday it was outrageous. They were just bluffing. They didn’t have a clue.”
Collins, who had been staying at the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi, said the situation in Kiruna had been chaotic. He said it took SJ hours, until 04:00 on Friday, to tell passengers at the station that trains to Stockholm would not be running.
“Kiruna was unbelievable. It was at least -30C. You couldn’t do anything,” he said. “We were just walking through Kiruna trying to find hotels.”
Two French backpackers tried to hitchhike to Stockholm, while many Chinese tourists were left to wander around as no one had told them that SJ had agreed to pay for a hotel stay. Tourists from Dubai and Australia risked missing flights. Eventually two buses carried 140 passengers from Kiruna to Luleå, to connect with a train from there.
The Local

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