College professor dragged off plane

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Southwest Airlines forcibly remove woman due to dog allergy
Police forcibly removed a college professor off a Southwest flight at Baltimore airport, ripping her clothes, after she said she had a severe allergy to dogs.
The incident occurred after Anila Daulatzai, a professor at the Maryland Institute College of Art, alerted the crew on the plane bound for Los Angeles that she had a dog allergy, She asked for an emotional-support dog and a pet dog that were on the flight to be removed.
The crew chose not to remove the dogs, and when she could not prove she had a health certificate proving her allergy, officers dragged her off the plane, ripping her trousers.
Witnesses said that other passengers were begging her to cooperate.
“They spent a long time talking to the woman, explaining to her what the situation was, trying to work with her,” one of them told CBS. “The pilot said they wouldn’t leave until it got resolved.
But he added: “If you look at the police, they were being overly aggressive. Really, she wasn’t giving them much of a choice, and the people on the plane were saying, ‘Just get off the plane’.”
Southwest later sent an apology to Daulatzai for the way she was treated. But the police charged her with disorderly conduct, failure to obey a reasonable and lawful order, disturbing the peace, obstructing and hindering a police officer, and resisting arrest.
The Root / CBS / Los Angeles Times