Companies around the globe to raise travel budgets

Majority of companies will spend more on travel in 2011, survey says

A major new survey of corporate travel managers at top businesses and organisations around the world shows that 61% of them expect their travel spending to grow from between 1% and 10% this year. A further third of respondents said they expect a very slight increase. The findings of the GetThere survey seem to show that companies realise travel is necessary to secure deals and make money – despite the increases in the cost of travel this year. Their travel budgets have to keep up with the rising cost of air fares and room rates.
However, budgets are not limitless and there is still a strong focus on savings wherever possible. Many companies are more willing to explore the possibility of saving on accommodation, for example, by sending managers on day trips. And fewer companies are paying extra for a second checked-in bag.
USA Today
[pictured: Madrid Barajas Airport business lounge; courtesy oneworld]