Concorde could return to the skies in 2019

Fans of the supersonic jet plan to buy one and fly it
A group of aviation enthusiasts claims it has enough funds to bring back Concorde. It plans to buy one of the supersonic jets and return it to service in 2019.
Club Concorde, which consists of mostly British “ex-captains, ex-charterers and people passionate about Concorde”, aims to spend €165 million on the project. The group’s president, Paul James, says that returning Concorde to the skies is the “dream of the global Concorde fraternity”.
The aircraft can fly at twice the speed of sound and was the jewel of the British Airways and Air France fleets. But demand slumped after an Air France Concorde crashed in Paris in 2000. Concorde made its final flight in 2003.
The club has its eyes on the Concorde currently on display at Le Bourget airport in Paris. It would be restored and resume operations as a private heritage aircraft to be flown at air displays and be available for charter. The date of 2019 is significant as it would be the 50th anniversary of Concorde’s first flight.
The Guardian


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