Conductor survives assault on train in Sweden

Conductors stop checking tickets until safety measures put in place

Conductors have stopped checking tickets on some trains in southern Sweden after a female conductor was seriously assaulted on a train travelling between Kristianstad and Bromölla last week. When the conductor asked to see the ticket of a passenger, at around 12:40 am Thursday morning, he refused to produce one and quickly became aggressive. He then allegedly attempted to throw her off the train, which was moving at around 70 kilometres an hour. The man and a female companion managed to escape the train, but he has since been arrested.
Union officials are now demanding increased security for employees. However, of seven different measures presented to the rail operator DSB First following the incident, only two are reportedly being considered. For now, a safety stop (skyddsstopp) has been implemented, preventing conductors from checking tickets on Öresundstågen trains.
The Local
[photo courtesy DSB First]


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