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Image: Flyspot/Deepspot

Conference rooms to peer into world’s deepest pool

Hotel, conference and training rooms will have underwater views when the world’s deepest pool opens later this year.

Conference halls, training rooms and hotel suites will have windows peering into the world’s deepest pool when it opens in Warsaw this autumn.

At 45 metres at its deepest point, Deepspot will hold 27 times the amount of water used in an average swimming pool.

Fully suited-up divers and scuba divers, whether beginners or professionals, will be able to experience the plunge as a training spot or as an incentive-style experience.

They will be able to explore overhangs and underwater caves, while those who prefer to watch can do so from a transparent underwater tunnel.

Attractions nearby
The pool is being built in Mszczonów, a town about 30 kilometres southwest of the Polish capital, which is already home to the huge Termy Mszczonów Waterpark.

Near Deepspot is Flyspot, a freefall simulator for indoor skydiving. This vertical tunnel has a diameter of 4.5 metres and a closed air circuit where high-power fans produce uniform air flow at speeds of up to 310 kilometres per hour.

Deepspot is being constructed using around 1,100 tons of steel. When it opens it will beat the current world record holder for the deepest pool, Y-40 The Deep Joy near Venice, Italy.

But both of them may be surpassed as soon as 2020 by Blue Abyss, a 50-metre-deep pool now under construction in Colchester, England.

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