Conference travel “hybrid meetings” become popular

Meeting professionals’ fears of the virtual event are unfounded

The need for face-to-face meetings has not been replaced by new technology. Instead, technology is helping to create demand for “hybrid meetings”, in other words a combination of real meetings and online presence. So while virtual event technology is an important addition to hotel and other conference spaces, “online components of meetings will help organisations and corporations broaden market reach and deepen value to all constituents – members, customers, suppliers (and) partners,” in the words of one observer.
Virtual events often feature a mix of live interviews, session streaming and moderated chat. All physical events now also need an online presence. The technology is still in its early stages, but an extra dimension to the meetings industry seems secured.
[pictured: TANDBERG T3 Telepresence high-definition conference room; c. 2008; copyright TANDBERG Corporation]