Construction gets underway at CPH

Two projects with a price tag of €161 million start up
Two construction projects with a price tag of DKK 1.2 billion (€161 million) are starting up at Copenhagen Airport, designed to create additional capacity for passengers and aircraft.
Following the launch in December of a €2.7 billion plan to expand the airport, CPH is now beginning these two “major” projects – a new Pier E, the first phase of which will cost DKK 850 million, and a doubling in size of the transit area in Terminal 2, to cost DKK 390 million.
“The two new projects will mean even more cranes at the airport in the next three years, as more than 1,000 construction workers and technicians set about increasing capacity for aircraft and passengers,” the airport warns.
The two projects were launched at a special event this week with airport CEO Thomas Woldbye and Danish Minister for Employment Troels Lund Poulsen.
“The first thing our passengers will notice is the investment of DKK 390 million in creating more space for the journey through the busy area after the security checkpoint,” Woldbye said.
The area between piers A and B is being expanded by 4,000 m2 to double its current size. This is being done by constructing a new building in front of the existing one and then joining them together. The work will be complete around summer 2018.
The construction of Pier E, meanwhile, is “one of the biggest construction projects of recent times,” Woldbye said.
When complete, it will be able to accommodate 10 gates for large aircraft and 20 for smaller aircraft. DKK 850 million is just the cost of the first phase – the first 22,000 m2 and seven gates – to be complete in 2019. The total cost of the pier will reach around DKK 3 billion.
Inconvenience will be minimised, Woldbye promised, with “effective construction screens”, overhead windows and confining the noisiest work to night time.
CPH is aiming at a future airport handling 40 million passengers a year, up from currently handling around 29 million.
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