Cook chairman denies Green was forced out

He says the process had been started a year ago

The chairman of Thomas Cook insists that suggestions Harriet Green was pushed from the top job are untrue. Press reports persist that Green, who stepped down this week, was asked to leave. But Frank Meysman denies this, TTG Digital writes.

“That is not true,” he told TTG on a media conference call.

He said that the process had been started a year ago with the promotion of new chief executive, Peter Fankhauser, to chief operating officer.

“At the time it was clear to anybody inside the company and hopefully also to people outside the company, and that meant [Fankhauser] was going to […] most likely [be the] successor and it was a matter of when you do that.”

Meysman said the pace of Thomas Cook’s transformation under Green meant that now was the right time to change chief executive. He denied that there had been any disagreement at board level.

“We had a choice either to do it right now or 12 months from now. The fact that in many areas of our transformation were [going faster] than what we’d done before meant that what initially was foreseen to take roughly three years now has taken two to two-and-a-half years. And therefore this is the right time to move from one top exec to the other top executive.”

TTG Digital

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