Copenhagen Airport staff demand security talks

Union calls for meeting following Zaventem Airport attacks
Staff at Copenhagen Airport have asked for a meeting with airport security and police to discuss safety following Tuesday’s terrorist attacks in Brussels.
They say check-in are vulnerable, as the explosions in the Zaventem Airport attacks occurred in the check-in areas.
“In the light of these events, we invite airport security and police at the airport to come and talk with our shop stewards about the situation,” Henrik Bay-Clausen, chairman of the union 3F Kastrup, told “There should be direct dialogue so we have an understanding of what the airport is and is not doing.”
The union represents staff in the airport’s catering, fire and rescue, baggage and transport areas.
“The last time there was a bomb threat at Copenhagen Airport, we wondered why all passengers were evacuated but employees were left standing behind drywall,” Bay-Clausen went on. “I don’t know if that was because a safe distance had been determined, but we were surprised.”
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