Copenhagen Airport to expand Terminal 3

€33.6mn expansion includes shortcut from metro to security
A major expansion at Copenhagen Airport’s busy Terminal 3 is planned, including a shortcut from the metro to the security check that should give passengers easier passage between the two.
The DKK 0.25 billion (€33.6 million) renovation and expansion comes as more than 20 million people pass through Terminal 3 every year, and the number is growing.
Four building projects are planned for the terminal – replacement of the worn granite floor, a new exit from baggage reclaim, a 1,500 m2 extension, and a shortcut from the metro to the security check. The latter two are the most significant, but it will be the first two that start soonest.
Around one in four passengers take the metro to the airport, and many of them need to go to Terminal 2 or direct to security, the airport’s technical director, Christian Poulsen, explains.
“More and more people are checking in from home and travelling only with hand baggage. They need to be able to go directly from the metro to the security check without having to go down onto the busy floor of Terminal 3. The same applies for those who need to go to Terminal 2,” he says.
“We’re therefore planning a shortcut in the form of an overhead walkway at first-floor height from the metro all the way through Terminal 3. Our calculations show that more than 2 million passengers will use the shortcut.”
The new overhead walkway will free up a lot of floor space in Terminal 3, but work on the shortcut is not scheduled to begin until autumn 2018 as it is dependent on the other three projects.
The extension between terminals is due to be built from autumn 2017 to summer 2018. Before then, two building projects need to be carried out on the floor, and these are beginning now: moving the baggage reclaim exit so arriving passengers are closer to taxis and buses, a project that will start up after the autumn holiday, and the replacement of the terminal’s worn and cracked granite floor, which dates from 1998.
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