Copenhagen Airport tries “social experiment”

You are encouraged to share your food with your neighbour

The focus has been on both innovative gourmet food and social interaction since a new pop-up restaurant, Hallo Hello, opened at Copenhagen Airport last week.

With the original chef duo from the exclusive private dining firm I’m a Kombo at the helm, the tools are flavours, innovation and dialogue. Until September 14, travellers are getting the chance for an “exceptional gastronomic and social experience” as part of the Copenhagen Cooking food festival.

Entrepreneurs Lasse Askov and Bo Lindegaard are offering foodie experiences, but travellers are challenged to share a unique three-course menu with a complete stranger.

The idea behind social dining, the airport explains, has moved from being an elitist phenomenon to a gastronomic trend anyone can participate in.

TTG Nordic

[photo courtesy Copenhagen Airport]


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