Copenhagen among fast-growing destinations

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Danish capital sees more than 8% rise in visitors in 2009-2016
Copenhagen is among the fastest growing travel destinations in Europe, according to new research published annually by Mastercard.
The Global Destination Cities Index says the Danish capital saw an 8.1% rise in tourists between 2009 and 2016, making it one of the fast movers in Europe.
Cities ahead of Copenhagen in the index, which can be seen here, are Bucharest (10.4%), (Lisbon (10.2%), Sofia and Warsaw (both 9.4%), Budapest (8.6%), Hamburg (8.4%) and Moscow (8.2%).
The 1.66 million people who visited Copenhagen in 2016 spent almost DKK 6 billion (€800 million) in the city, 28% of which was on shopping.
The Danish capital ranks 66th globally, with inbound figures expected to rise a further 4.5% in 2017. Bangkok is top with 20 million visitors in 2016, followed by London (19 million), Paris (15.5 million), Dubai (14.8 million) and Singapore (13.11 million).
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