Copenhagen praised for airport spa

New York Times loves Hilton CPH Thai spa treatments

Hotels at the world’s busiest and most stressful airports are investing in creating areas of peace for tired passengers to relax. The New York Times lists a number of these chill-out zones, one of which can be found at the Hilton Copenhagen Airport. Within a short walking distance from the terminals, the hotel offers the “stunning” Thai-style Ni’mat Spa. It has a pool and sauna, but “the main attraction is a relaxation egg: a large oval containing a vibrating bed that is said to help with jet lag”. Access to the spa is open to all passengers for around $40 per person.
Among the other peace-loving airport hotels mentioned in the article are Frankfurt Airport, where travellers access pool and spa amenities at the Sheraton or the Hilton if they paying a daytime rate of about $150; the Kempinski Airport Hotel at Munich Airport whose Fit & Fly Spa includes pool, steam sauna and massage; and two Dallas Hyatt airport hotels separated by a runway, which makes the view from the rooftop pool at either of them spectacular.
New York Times
[pictured: Copenhagen Airport Terminal 3; courtesy Copenhagen Airports]

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