Copenhagen previews new theme-park ride

New “3-in-1” ride combines mild with extreme
Copenhagen’s famous central amusement park Tivoli has presented a preview at what to expect from its new “3-in-1” ride Fatamorgana, scheduled to debut in early April.
The attraction will change the city’s skyline when Tivoli opens on April 6. The theme park has released a video about it, which can be seen here.
Fatamorgana is a 45-metre tower topped with a spire resembling a minaret and will be three rides in one. At its base is a miniature bumper-cars ride for small children, while the main ride comes in two parts – one for wilder fans, one for the not-quite-so-brave.
The fast version gets passengers seated back-to-back in a circle and thrown around with 2.5G force as four arms rotate around the tower. In the slower ride, two people sit motorcycle-style and spin around at slower speeds.
The Local