Copenhagen to host huge aviation event

IATA’s bi-annual Slot Conference takes place in June

Around 1100 international aviation delegates including representatives from 200 airlines will arrive in Copenhagen on June 20-22 for IATA’s 132nd bi-annual Slot Conference. This is where landing rights and slot allocations in the world’s airports for the coming winter traffic program, beginning on October 27, will be agreed and distributed. It will also be a unique opportunity for the Danish capital to show off the best of its attractions and restaurants.
The tourism organisation Wonderful Copenhagen and route development initiative Copenhagen Connected had been in the bidding process to bring the event to Denmark for some time.
“It’s clear that the delegates will experience the destination from the best side,” Birgitte Arendsdorf Olsen, Wonderful Copenhagen’s international marketing director, said. “We are going to tell a good story about Copenhagen.”
Of course, the event will also be good for the airport. “We intend to take advantage of the kinds of carriers who will be gathered for two days in Copenhagen,” said the airport’s press chief Søren Hedegaard Nielsen.
[pictured: View over Øresund; photo courtesy Copenhagen Airport]