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Photo: Visit Aalborg

Copenhagen to send Chinese tourists north

The Danish capital is now working with Aalborg Airport and Copenhagen Airport to share the boom in inbound visitors.

Copenhagen has seen a significant rise in the number of tourists from China in recent years. In 2019, there is projected to be 88% more direct flights between China and the Danish capital compared to last year.

But now that it is in danger of being completely overrun, Copenhagen is looking to share its popularity with another part of the country – Aalborg and north Jutland.

The destination management body Wonderful Copenhagen has teamed up with both Copenhagen Airport and Aalborg Airport as part of a project aimed at making it easier for Chinese tourists to venture further north.

“Research shows that the first wave of Chinese tourists who want to see attractions like the Little Mermaid and the Round Tower is waning,” Søren Svendsen, chief executive of Aalborg Airport, tells

“Now an even bigger wave of Chinese tourists is about to flood Denmark and I want to encourage them to go to north Jutland where there is plenty on offer.”

He adds: “Just imagine a rainy day on the beaches by the North Sea. Chinese families will practically be able to be there alone and this is the kind of experience that the new wave of tourists will demand.”

Aalborg direct?
Aalborg Airport is already in talks with various airlines as part of the project, Svendsen said without naming any specific carriers. He added that SAS and Norwegian already operate some 17 daily routes between the Danish capital and Aalborg.

The airport also aims to create tailor-made packages for Chinese tourists together with its travel partners that will cater for their needs.

“I would love to see direct flights from China to Aalborg and I believe we could easily maintain a route in the high season,” thinks Svendsen.

“But the bilateral agreement between China and the Nordic countries limits the number of direct routes to 25, and with 24 currently in use I don’t think Aalborg is a candidate for the final slot.”

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