Cost of airfares depends on day of week

Buy your tickets on a Tuesday, a couple of months before departure

The topic is much discussed, but it hasn’t inspired a great deal of research. Now, however, an airfare tracking website says it has found the exact day and time of the week that prices start to fall.
The US fare comparison site FareCompare confirms many travellers’ suspicions that fares are highest at the weekends, as opposed to midweek. It says prices are lowest on Tuesday mid-afternoons.
This is because, if they’re having a fare sale, airlines release their sales late on Mondays and other airlines drop their fares as a response early on Tuesdays. Soon afterwards the most competitive fares will already be on the market.
By the end of Thursday the sale fares will have vanished, since most potential travellers only have the time and opportunity to shop at the weekends or as the week rounds up.
One independent fare consultant says agrees that airlines tend to change their fares most often on Mondays and raise them the most often on Thursday nights.
The best time to buy is between three months and two weeks before departure as air fares tend to rise in price around two weeks before takeoff.
The cheapest days of the week to fly, meanwhile, are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, the pricier days being Mondays, Fridays and Sundays.
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