Costa Cruises wins three prizes in one week

Italian cruising company shows award-winning streak

Costa Cruises has won three special awards in the space of one week. The first two focus on the company’s commitment to environmental protection, the third related to the German market. The Poseidon Prize, assigned for Costa Cruises’ efforts to conserve water, was arranged by the Italian Federation of UNESCO Clubs and Centres and by the International Hydrological Program in collaboration with the UNESCO Club of Levanto and the Cinque Terre. The ceremony took place on board the Costa Mediterranea during a five-day cruise that hosted a series of meetings and debates on the topic World Heritage: Living with Water.
Costa then picked up the 2011 Green Cruise award by the ship certification organisation RINA during the RINA Green Night event in Montecarlo, which annually awards the best projects for environmental sustainability. For the first time the event included a category dedicated to cruise ships. The third award, presented in Hamburg during the Seatrade Europe event, was the German Cruise Prize for Best Family Product 2012.
[pictured: Costa Favolosa]

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