Could new plane challenge Boeing, Airbus?

Russia-China venture gets approval from engine maker
A new commercial aircraft being developed by Russia and China could be formidable enough to one day challenge Boeing and Airbus, the president of aircraft engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney tells Aviation Week.
Work on the new, widebody, twin-aisle aircraft type known as the C929 began in May. It is being jointly developed by Russia’s United Aircraft Corp (UAC) and China’s Comac in a Shanghai-based joint venture. It won’t be delivered for at least another decade but could be a strong competitor.
“I view Chinese money and Russian acumen as a pretty formidable combination – and something nobody should ignore,” Robert F Leduc said during a Pratt media event.
“The Russians know how to make airplanes,” the industry veteran added, and the C929 “is going to be formidable,” he said. “There’s a lot of airplanes that get sold in China and Russia and, if they decide they want to be indigenous, they certainly have the plane to support it.”
The C929 will carry 280 passengers with a range of more than 12,000 kilometres, comparable to an Airbus A330-900. UAC’s single-aisle MC-21 made its first flight on May 28 using Pratt engines that are 98% similar to those on the Airbus A320neo. Meanwhile, Comac is developing a narrowbody plane, the C919, due to enter service in 2020.
Aviation Week