“Country intensive” cruise trend

Azamara launches single-country sailings – including Norway
Azamara Club Cruises has announced a series of “country intensive” voyages, which will see cruises focused on just one country. One of them is Norway.
Richard Twynam, managing director for the UK and Ireland, said the line would release a brochure dedicated to the sailings, with 12 voyages planned for next year.
Besides Norway, countries visited will include Italy, Spain, Croatia, New Zealand and Australia. More country intensive voyages will be added in 2019, including a voyage around Japan.
The sailings are part of Azamara’s new focus on “destination immersion”, under its new brand positioning Stay Longer, Experience More.
“Some of our guests love the fact they can see five countries in one go, and they will still be able to do that with many of our sailings,” Twynam told TTG. “But people also want to spend 18 nights sailing around Norway too.”
He acknowledged that the new product could appeal to the new-to-cruise market, with a number of would-be cruisers often citing the lack of time in a destination as a reason not to cruise.
“I think there is an opportunity there,” he said. But he insisted, “That’s not our main target. Our customers want this too. We have a very loyal base and we spoke to people on board and to our crew, who also speak with the guests. We’re very confident that this is what the guests want.”
As part of the destination immersion focus, the line has added a number of offerings to its Cruise Global, Connect Local promise such as Taste Local, where guests are offered excursions to restaurants offering local cuisine; Eco Local with trips into rainforests, jungles and woodlands; and Celebrate Local, featuring visits to world events such as the Cannes Film Festival or Monaco Grand Prix. Other local experiences include Golf Local, Bike Local and View Local.
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