Court acts against ‘incredible shrinking airline seat’

Federal Aviation Administration told to reassess seat sizes
Passengers know only too well that airlines are making seats smaller. Now a court in the US has come to the same conclusion and has ordered action to stop it, due to safety fears.
A federal appeals court judge in Washington has told the Federal Aviation Administration to reassess the trend of what the judge calls “the Case of the Incredible Shrinking Airline Seat”.
Judge Patricia Millett scolded the FAA for “vacuous” and “vaporous” evidence it had used to argue that diminished leg room is not much of a problem.
The judge’s ruling was a win for, the group that brought the complaint against the FAA. Despite the fact that horror stories are spreading online about American passengers who don’t meet the sizes the shrinking chairs are designed for, airlines continue to experiment with cutting seat measurements.
The judge expressed concern over emergency evacuations and that cramped seating could affect flight safety. But she stopped short of saying that issues related to passenger comfort were the federal agency’s responsibility, or that blood clots are related to seat size.