Court bans night-time flights at Frankfurt Airport

Ruling comes despite night-time takeoffs and landings that are allowed now

A ban has been authorised by a German court on night-time flights at Frankfurt Airport. The ban is due to come into force after the airport’s new runway enters into service on October 21. The Administrative Supreme Court of the state of Hesse, which actually gave the new runway the green light for construction in early 2009, gave the ruling despite the fact that 17 takeoffs and landings have been allowed between the hours of 23:00 and 05:00 until now, mostly for cargo flights. When it originally gave approval for expansion, the court warned that it wanted greater night-flight restrictions.
Lufthansa Cargo says that the decision will cost it millions of euros and will instead benefit rapidly expanding hubs in the Middle East.
[pictured: Airport expansion at Frankfurt Airport; photo: Fraport AG]