Court stops Swedavia’s fees for taxis

Uppsala Taxis takes stand against airport’s “unfair pricing”



The Swedish Market Court has prohibited the state-owned airport operator Swedavia and its contractor EuroPark from imposing a fee for pre-ordered taxis to Stockholm‘s Arlanda Airport. It also imposed a fine of €200 000. The ruling follows an application for summons filed by Uppsala Taxi 100 000 AB. Swedavia and EuroPark imposed the new routines in February for travellers wanting to preorder a taxi to the airport. The two companies took fees of about €3 for customers waiting in line for a taxi at a service desk and €5 for those wanting to be met by a taxi in the entrance area of the terminal, holding a sign with the customer’s name.
“It is very positive that the Market Court put an end to Swedavia’s and EuroPark’s unfair pricing. It sends a clear signal for dominant companies not to abuse their dominant position,” said Uppsala Taxis’s counsel, Elisabeth Eklund, senior associate at Advokatfirman Delphi.
[photo Swedavia/Lasse Modin]