CPH airport expansion plan angers SAS

Scrapping runway cross-section would bring costly cancellations
Copenhagen Airport’s expansion plans are irritating airlines like SAS, which is warning of “serious consequences for passengers”.
Faced with ever-increasing passenger numbers, the airport wants to boost capacity under its CPH Expanding plan. This include scrapping its runway cross-section, where planes take off and land under certain wind conditions.
“Closing that cross-section will have serious consequences for SAS and for passengers,” Lars Wigelstorp Andersen, head of public affairs and infrastructure at SAS, told takeoff.dk.
“If the airport builds on the take-off and landing runway we use when there is a particularly strong wind from the northwest or southeast, the airport will be closed about 25 times per year. That means 500 cancelled flights for SAS alone and an even greater number of delays.”
Thomas Cook Airlines added to the warning, saying the move could cost it a lot of money. But the airport argues that it would increase annual passenger capacity from 26.6 to 40 million – and result in only 60 cancellations a year.
Copenhagen Post

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