CPH and Oslo airports set passenger records

Oslo-Tromsø traffic exceeds a million for first time

Bolstered by international traffic, Copenhagen Airport was able to set a new record of 23.34 million passengers in 2012 (up 2.7%), despite a number of airline bankruptcies during the year. International traffic was up 5.3% and was the main driver for growth, but the airport reported that a rise in transfer traffic also lifted the performance.
“The significant 7.3% increase in the number of transfer passengers and the 10.3% increase in the number of intercontinental passengers shows that we have strengthened our international position as the key northern European transport hub,” Thomas Woldbye, CEO of Copenhagen Airport, said.
Five major bankruptcies among European airlines in 2012 had a direct impact on operations at Copenhagen Airport, yet strong growth was still generated.
Meanwhile, Oslo Airport also reported a record number of passengers. In 2012, 22.1 million passengers travelled via the airport, a 4.6 % rise from 2011. Growth there was also greatest on international routes, increasing by 6.1%. International charter traffic boasted a particularly large upswing, growing 10.7%. In domestic traffic, Oslo Airport saw a total increase of 2.9 % in 2012. For example, boosted by Northern Lights tourism, traffic between Oslo and Tromsø exceeded one million travellers for the first time ever.
Moodie Report / TTG Nordic
[photo courtesy Copenhagen Airport]

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