CPH fast-tracks speedier security

Security screening taking too long at peak times
Waiting times for security at Copenhagen Airport have risen during peak periods in recent months due to a sharp increase in the number of travellers, prompting it to think up a newer plan.
With 16.7 million passengers in the first seven months of the year, up 10.7% on 2015, CPH CEO Thomas Woldbye and his team have had to fast-track a plan for faster screening.
“In spring, we decided to accelerate the construction of a new security screening facility, and we also increased the number of lanes and added additional staff,” Woldbye explains. “The new security screening facility will not be ready until next year, so we’ve decided to implement a number of upgrades in the short term so we can maintain a high level of service, also at security screening.”
Under the new plan, the airport will recruit special service staff to assist passengers through security in order to release security staff for screening.
Earlier this year, CPH started building a larger security screening facility, which is scheduled to be commissioned in 2017. This DKK 250 million (€33.6 million) construction project will double the number of square metres in security and add more security lanes.
“We need more hands at the security screening facility. The demands for airport security are increasing, and more and more passengers travel only with carry-on baggage. This and the substantial increase in passenger numbers intensifies the pressure on security screening,” Woldbye said.
“We have therefore launched a recruiting campaign to hire 80 new employees for our security screening facility in the course of the next 12 months.”
It is especially the many commuters who use the airport on a daily basis who are affected when the airport is unable to meet its ambition of predictable waiting times.
“We know that commuters more than most others need their trip to be predictable. We have introduced a number of initiatives, including a special ‘commuter card’ that allows them to fast track to the security checkpoint. We have ongoing discussions with the commuter associations about how to improve our service to these frequent travellers,” Woldbye said.
Some commuters have requested a new, separate “domestic lane” at the central security screening facility. The airport says it will interact with the Danish Transport and Construction Agency to explore the legal aspects of establishing such a lane during morning and afternoon hours when so many people pass through the airport.
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