CPH to expand baggage reclaim facilities

New Copenhagen Airport construction project put to tender
On peak days there are more than 60,000 pieces of inbound and outbound baggage at Copenhagen Airport. With a view to expanding capacity, the airport will now be investing in longer baggage conveyors and more space for arriving passengers.
The airport is putting a new construction project out to tender, for new baggage reclaim facilities to be ready in 2018. The investment is likely to amount to more than DKK 100 million (€13.5 million).
The daily flow of bags needs a well-functioning baggage reclaim area. With the expected growth in the number of new routes and destinations over the next few years, the area needs continued improvement, airport COO Kristian Durhuus explains in a press release.
“In recent years, we have seen quite significant growth in passenger numbers. In the first seven months of this year alone the growth rate was 10.7%. Although far more passengers today travel only with carry-on baggage, the overall volume of checked baggage has also grown somewhat. We have therefore started planning for an expansion of the baggage reclaim area.”
The plan is to extend two of the eight baggage conveyors while at the same time creating more space for passengers. That requires significant modifications. So the airport will put a contract for consulting services for the project out to EU tender.
TTG Nordic

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