Crash pushes case for floating recorders

Crash again strengthens case for ejectable data recorders
A signal for the lost fight recorders of EgyptAir MS804 has finally been picked up by investigators, who are searching some of the deepest waters of the Mediterranean.
But the crash has strengthened the case for data recorders that can be ejected out of an aircraft during or before an accident, then remain afloat, removing the need for seabed searches.
The EgyptAir Airbus A320 crashed on May 19, killing 66 people. Flight recorders emit acoustic signals for just 30 days after a crash.
“If we have a deployable recorder it will be much easier to find,” admitted Charles Champion, executive vice president for engineering at Airbus. “We have been working on that and this only reinforces our overall approach.”
The UN agency ICAO has called for it to be added to all planes delivered after 2021. But even then it will be up to airlines and manufacturers to decide how to meet this goal.


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