“Crazy” passenger threatens to blow up plane

Malaysia Airlines flight forced to turn back to Melbourne
A Malaysia Airlines flight was forced to return to Melbourne shortly after take-off after a passenger tried to enter the cockpit with what he said were explosives.
Passengers and crew managed to disarm him, which police later described as “heroic”. Once on the ground, heavily armed Australian security personnel boarded the plane.
Flight MH128 departed Melbourne for Kuala Lumpur at 23:11 local time. Soon afterwards, a man carrying a large black cylinder ran towards the cockpit.
He was a 25-year-old Sri Lankan who had just been discharged from a Melbourne psychiatric hospital. The object he was carrying was later identified as a battery.
Andrew Leoncelli, a former AFL player flying in business class, starting filming the incident saying: “There’s a giant black object on this plane, a crazy guy wants to blow it up, who was subdued.”
He later told the ABC news network: “I ran to the front and confronted him around the corner and he was there and he was a tall guy, taller than me, with a beanie on, wearing dark clothing, dark skin, carrying a giant thing, a very strange-looking thing with antennas coming off it, saying: ‘I’m going to blow the plane up’ … Staff grabbed the object, we’re not sure what it was, he was claiming to blow the plane up with [it], and walked it back to the front of the plane.”
Supt Tony Langdon said, “We believe that the actions of the passengers and crew were quite heroic.”
The Guardian

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