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Chijmes, one of the movie's locations in Singapore (photo: Visit Singapore)

Crazy Rich Asians boosts travel searches

The hugely popular movie set in Singapore and Malaysia has inspired a surge in searches for travel there.

Travel search volumes for Singapore and Malaysia have seen massive spikes in recent weeks, which Expedia puts down to a “knock-on effect” of the recently released Hollywood movie Crazy Rich Asians.

Inbound tourism to Singapore has hit the jackpot with the romantic comedy, which has already sparked a boost in new tours and promotions to market the island-state, TTG Asia reports.

Comparing the search volumes for travel to Singapore across Brand Expedia sites in the two weeks before and after the movie was released, Expedia’s Malaysia site saw the biggest increase for Singapore searches, which doubled in number over the period.

Expedia’s Hong Kong site also saw an increase in Singapore searches, of more than 90%, while its Taiwan and US sites saw rises of nearly 50% over the same period.

As for search volumes for travel to Malaysia in the two weeks before and after the movie was released, Expedia’s Hong Kong site saw the biggest rise, with search volume increasing by almost 85% over the period.

Expedia’s Singapore site saw a nearly 75% increase in searches for Malaysia, while its Taiwan and US sites saw rises of 40% to 45%.

Films inspire travel
“There are a few things in life that are certain to inspire you to travel, no matter who you are, and a good movie is most definitely one of them,” explains Lavinia Rajaram, Expedia’s regional head of communications in Asia.

“Crazy Rich Asians has been an amazing hit for Singapore and Malaysia, both on the awareness and tourism standpoint.”

Pictured is Chijmes, a heritage building in Singapore that was first used as a Catholic convent in 1852, which is one of the locations in the movie.

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