Crazy tales from an airport baggage handler

Make the busy holiday season easier for the Frankfurt Airport handlers

A “customer service coordinator” at Frankfurt Airport’s baggage handling says that passengers can do crazy things with their luggage. One traveller decided it would be cheaper to sedate his puppy and put it in a box with the regular luggage. Fortunately, it was discovered before entering the freezing, low-oxygen hold. There have also been several cases of charred luggage because passengers have put a torch into the suitcase and the switch accidentally turned on. It’s recommended to take out the battery first.
The handler also advises that organic goods like chocolate are not placed next to electronics. Explosives are organic, and wires or electronic gadgets beside them can look like a bomb to a baggage screener. Another recommendation is that passengers use tough, practical suitcases rather than something that’s stylish – all bags are thrown about, due to airport regulations to prevent back injuries. All loose straps on backpacks should be attached tightly, and all bags should have a big piece of paper – inside – with the passenger’s contact details.
[pictured: Baggage handlers, Frankfurt Airport; courtesy Fraport]