Crew notice door is open 40min into flight

Incident prompts safety review at low-cost carriers
South Korea is reviewing safety at its low-cost carriers after an incident in which a plane had to return to its point of departure, when a member of the crew noticed a door had not been sealed.
A Jin Air flight to Busan, South Korea from the Philippines with 163 passengers on board was forced to turn back around 40 minutes after take-off when the crew saw the front left passenger door was not properly closed.
The flight had reached an altitude of 10,000 feet when a noise was heard that sounded like oxygen being sucked into the atmosphere and realized that door was not fully shut.
Fortunately, the pilot was able to turn around and land safely in Cebu without injuries, though some passengers said they felt nauseous.
Jin Air, a subsidiary of Korean Air, gave the passengers hotel rooms before making the flight without incident the following day. It also gave each passenger the equivalent of around $85 to compensate for the delay.
South Korea has six budget airlines, which have grown quickly in recent years, now accounting for more than half of domestic flights.