Crew refuse passenger toilet access

Elderly passenger sits in wet clothes for entire flight
British Airways has been criticised after an elderly passenger was forced to sit in wet clothes as cabin crew refused to let her use the toilet before the flight took off.
The flight from Los Angeles to Heathrow was delayed on the tarmac for 90 minutes, and the 87-year-old passenger asked to go to the toilet.
A crew member is alleged to have blocked the aisle to prevent the woman, Kocharik Tsamouzian, from leaving her seat.
Mrs Tsamouzian, who then wet herself, did not have a change of clothes and spent the rest of the flight in a distressed state, according to press reports.
BA says it was adhering to the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority rules, which state that all passengers must be seated with seatbelts on when the aircraft has started moving.
Daily Mail / TTG Digital