Crime wave hits Sweden-Norway border

Customs see plague of beer and spirit smuggling
The normally placid border between Nordic neighbours Norway and Sweden is seeing a plague of beer and spirit smuggling, with Norwegian customs officers at the Svinesund crossing between Gothenburg and Oslo catching more in the first half of 2017 than in the whole of last year.
Unroadworthy vehicles used for smuggling, whose shock absorbers and suspension have been tampered with have also been seized, according to a report by Swedish radio P4 Väst.
“There has clearly been a trend in the first half of the year towards a quite large increase in the confiscation of both beer and spirits,” Per Kristian Grandahl of the Svinesund customs office told the radio station, who added they “surely never confiscated so much beer before”.
Two bridges – the old and new Svinesund bridges – span the Iddefjord between the two countries. The crossing is increasingly popular with Norwegians who buy cheaper goods on the Swedish side.
More than 140,000 litres of beer and 20,000 litres of spirits were confiscated by Norway’s Svinesund customs between January and July. Organised crime could be behind the trend.
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