Crocodile selfie goes badly wrong

Woman apparently ignored the warning signs
A French tourist has been rushed to hospital in Thailand with a “gaping wound” in her leg, after trying to take a selfie with a crocodile at the Khao Yai national park.
According to witnesses, Benetulier Lesuffleur, 47, was wandering along a marked trail when she spotted the croc and ignored warning signs, then tripped as she tried to take the picture.
“She wanted to take selfie with the crocodile who was lying down near a stream. It was startled and bit her on her on the leg,” said a park official. “I guess she wanted to see it for real.”
According to the Thai site Matichon, the Siamese crocodile left her with a gaping wound in her left thigh and she was taken to hospital on a stretcher. She is expected to recover.
AFP / The Independent

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