Crucial long-haul deadline looms for Norwegian

By December 23 the carrier needs a new certificate

Norwegian’s long-haul intercontinental flights launched earlier this year could be grounded unless the carrier succeeds in getting the Irish airline licence it desperately needs to operate them after December 23.

The airline already has an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) for domestic and European flights, but it wants a separate Irish AOC for the long-haul service so it can avoid strict Norwegian personnel regulations that would raise costs.

Norwegian has applied for the Irish certificate twice, but insufficient information supplied in the paperwork meant the applications were returned without result.

Norway’s authorities have given the airline permission to operate its long-haul flights under its Norwegian certificate until December 23, according to press reports. After that, the airline must have its new certificate to keep flying.

Among the sticking points in the application are that Norwegian aims to use the same airline personnel for its Irish operations and inconsistences in information regarding flight manuals.

[photo courtesy Norwegian]

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