Cruise company dreams up wild ship ideas

A glass-walled restaurant below the waterline and design-your-own-cabin

Carnival UK has come up with some intriguing ideas for future cruise ships – some of them a touch less believable than others. A glass-walled fish restaurant below the waterline could become one of the key selling points of the luxury cruise ships at Carnival, which runs seven brands – Carnival, Princess Cruises, P&O Cruises, Cunard, Costa, Seabourn and Holland America Line. Apparently, passengers at this stern-located restaurant would be able to choose their dishes from the fish and sea creatures passing the vessel, as divers are sent to find the “catch of the day”.
The ships of the future could also feature a full-size Wimbledon-style grass tennis court on deck. They could also offer term-time “virtual” school classrooms for kids to keep up with their school work.
And, a little less believably, guests may be able to design their own cabins using iPads or similar technology. Carnival UK Commercial Director Nigel Esdale: “The cabins would have interactive plasma walls that would display your choice of images and surround sound systems to play your pre-loaded selection of music. Everything would be activated either by fingerprint or retina recognition, removing the need for cabin keycards.”
Cruise Critic