Cruise growth of 400% in Kristiansand

More than 50 calls scheduled for 2012, 64 booked for 2013

The Port of Kristiansand in southern Norway is booming in its new role of cruise destination. It has logged a 400% increase in cruise calls since 2009, with calls rising from just 15 in that year to 20 in 2010, 37 last year and 54 scheduled for 2012 – including the first winter call for a cruise ship in Kristiansand. And for 2013, 64 calls have already been booked, a figure that is likely to rise further.
Thomas Granfeldt Jr., general manager, Port of Kristiansand: “We are happy that the cruise lines have discovered the archipelago around Kristiansand and are finding the calls profitable. We have a wide range of excursions. We hope more cruise lines will add us to their itineraries, as a natural port between Oslo and Bergen.”
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[pictured: Fountain in Kristiansand by the artist Kjell Nupen]